Do you share lists or leads with other clients?

We don't share your lists or leads. Also, we have a "zip code exclusivity" rule that we firmly adhere to, to ensure that our clients can keep competitive advantage within their respective target areas. 

Where do you get your lists from?

Our lists come from Dun & Bradstreet and Acxiom, two of the largest and most accurate data companies in the US. We also have access to alternate list sources, for our premium lists.

What is a basic and premium list category?

Basic list categories are: Absentee owner, elderly owner, recently divorced, cash buyers and tax delinquent. Premium lists include USPS Certified Vacant Property lists.

How many deals can I expect out of my order?

Any business that promises a specific ROI is not a trustworthy business. Real estate investing is a numbers game, and deals that come out of orders is dependent upon several factors including number of leads, location and specific lead criteria.

How will my leads be delivered?

Leads will be delivered via Podio along with call notes and additional property details that are available to us.

Do you make phone calls from your office phones?

In order for us to make phone calls on your behalf, you must have an active subscription with a third-party calling service like Skype or Vumber. Using a third-party calling service also allows us to use a number that has your area code. Thus, increasing the likelihood of having our phone calls answered or returned by property owners.

What lead categories do you offer?

We offer vacant properties, tax delinquent, cash buyers, recently divorced, absentee owner, and elderly owners.

What are some of the criteria that I can choose for my marketing list?

We can pull leads based on several different factors. Some of these include equity, LTV, beds/bath, square footage, acreage and number of units, just to name a few.  

What if you can’t find all the numbers for my leads?

Skip tracing accuracy on average is approximately 90%. For those property owners that we can’t find the correct number for, you can always do a direct mail campaign. We do provide the tax mailing address for each property owner.

What kind of contact details can you find for property owners?

Currently, we can find cell phone and landline details for property owners. Tax mailing addresses are included standard for all orders.

In what format do the leads come?

All leads are delivered in CSV/Excel format.