Official business hours are from 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday.


ExecuDesk is closed on all United States public national holidays and weekends.


We will provide a list offering of the customer’s choice based on the package that is purchased. We will attempt to provide advice on how to make your campaign a success based on experience. But ultimately, the success of your campaign will depend upon several factors such as your market area, category choice, and the sample size of your list.

We will skip trace each record on your list. If there are no phone results for a record on your list, we suggest that you use other means of contact; such as direct mail. Records that come back with no phone number still count toward the total amount of records in your package. We will not rerun skip tracing or provide new leads for records that do not have phone numbers.

On average, we make approximately four phone calls per prospect. This includes returning missed calls and voicemails made to your Vumber account. We do not guarantee that four phone calls will be made to each record. Our only guarantee is that we will make multiple attempts to reach each record. Please discuss with your consultant what factors may determine exactly how many calls may be made to a prospect.

Although we cannot predict what your ROI will be, we will use our specialized training and experience to provide sound advice to help increase the likelihood of a successful campaign and to help you manage your expectations.


All package payments will incur a processing fee of $30 per payment. All packages that have under 1000 records require a 2-campaign minimum. By purchasing a package, you automatically agree to have your payment automatically debited from the credit card on file. Payment can be made with any major credit or debit card, or with financing through Blispay. Additional information regarding Blispay financing can be found by visiting the financing page on our website. Financing is subject to credit approval.

Should your automatic payment fail at any time, we reserve the right to demand payment of your balance in full before continuing to process your order. We also reserve the right to cease delivering leads and/or cancel your order should a payment fail. If a recurring payment fails, and your payment information is not updated before 11:59 pm EST on the payment due date, you will incur a $25 late fee. Any accounts that go delinquent for 30 days will be forwarded to collections and reported to the credit bureaus.


There will be no refunds for orders that have already been started. Anything from property counts to a list being pulled constitutes a “started” campaign. We will make all attempts to correct any problems should they occur. Once a lead generation order is placed, full payment of both packages under the 2-campaign minimum is mandatory. Any accounts that go delinquent for 30 days will be forwarded to collections.


For us to make phone calls on your behalf, you must have an active subscription with the third-party calling service Vumber. We will screen all records against the Do Not Call Registry to ensure that we are abiding by all telemarketing rules and regulations. We cannot guarantee that owners will not report your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry for unwanted marketing calls. ExecuDesk will not be responsible for any fees incurred for the purchase of new subscriptions in the case that your third-party calling services are banned or restricted due to unwanted marketing calls.


Although all calls are completed on our own personal servers and PBX system, we still require all customers to purchase a Vumber account.  The Vumber account allows the customer to use a caller ID that is local to their area, it allows us to forward incoming calls directly to our call center, and it allows the customer to continue receiving calls from homeowners in their personal account after our campaign is concluded. Vumber is a third-party program that we are not partners of, or affiliated with, and we do not guarantee that Vumber will record inbound or outbound call logs or voice recordings accurately, if at all.

Our system keeps separate logs of all calls made on your campaign. These logs are exported via csv/excel and relayed to the customer at the end of each campaign.


For all packages containing less than 1000 records, you must agree to a 2-campaign minimum. This means that you must purchase a minimum of one lead generation package in each 30-day period of your contract. If you decide to cancel at any time, the full payment for 2 campaigns is due immediately. If your recurring payment fails at any time, we reserve the right to cease delivering leads and demand payment in full immediately. Orders can take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days for skip-tracing to finish.


LeadKnack will not be held responsible for any order errors resulting from information that the client has provided on the official order form. All clients must agree to be bound by our terms and conditions before any orders can be placed.


Per our agreement with our data provider, all lists come with a multiple use license for 1 full year. Use of leads on any list beyond this point can result in civil prosecution.


Skip tracing results are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Accuracy can depend on the information made available in the government and credit databases that we use to source property owner information. It is possible that we may not be able to locate the telephone numbers of all property owners. In this case, we recommend utilizing other channels, like direct mail to contact homeowners. In addition, to comply with all DNC rules and regulations, we will not call any property owners that appear on the DNC registry. Records that come back with no phone number still count toward the total amount of records in your package. We will not rerun skip tracing or provide new leads for prospects that do not have phone numbers.


Due to the variable nature of the real estate climate in different locations across the nation, LeadKnack cannot guarantee that locations, categories, or lists chosen by the customer will yield motivated sellers. Although most lead orders do return numerous sellers who are motivated to sell, please be advised that this is not an aspect of the lead generation process that is under our control. We do not guarantee that you will get any deals or motivated sellers out of any lead generation order. Use this service at your own discretion.

Average turn-around time for an order is 10-21 days. Scheduling delays due to high order volume may occur that may prevent us from being able to adhere to this exact timeline. Actual turn-around times may vary and can sometimes take up to 30 days for completion.


Results may vary but average deals from leads are a fraction of total leads purchased and may be dependent on individual investor experience. We recommend a minimum purchase of 1000 leads per month for best results. We do not guarantee any specific results from the utilization of our services. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


ExecuDesk is not responsible for any activities legal or illegal that may occur between the client and homeowners, real estate agents or any other party involved in a real estate transaction resulting from leads or services that ExecuDesk employees, contractors, or affiliates have provided.


This is a legally binding agreement, and by purchasing any services that we offer, you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to be bound by our terms of service.